Mindful Monday ~ Five Ways to Be Kind to Yourself

By. Danielle Husband

“Be nice to yourself. It’s hard to be happy when someone is mean to you all the time.” – Christine Arylo

We often tell ourselves to be kind to others, but it’s easy to forget to be kind to yourself. However, it’s hard to go through life with someone who’s critical of you or who doesn’t pay you any attention. You deserve an attentive, loving friend — and the best person for that job is you.

Show yourself some love by being kind to yourself. You spend every moment of every day with you, so make those moments a pleasant experience.ย For this Mindful Monday, set your intention to be kind to yourself this week. Get started with these five ways to be kind.

Give yourself a compliment.

Loving yourself means appreciating yourself for who you are. Show that appreciation by offering up a compliment. Tell yourself that you look great, made a great meal, or performed well in your presentation. Acknowledge the successes you have this week, as well as your positive qualities.

  • Start each morning with a compliment about your daily look/style.
  • Give yourself credit for accomplishing your responsibilities.
  • Celebrate your daily successes.
  • Toast yourself after a good day.

Take time to engage in an activity you love.

You deserve a bit of me-time, so set aside time to do what’s important to you. Whether you engage in a hobby or enjoy a bit of downtime, give yourself permission to enjoy these moments. Life is not meant to be all responsibility, so don’t expect yourself to always be “on” and working toward some goal. Each day, try to get enjoyment from your life.

  • Let your creativity flow and create something, such as a drawing, painting, craft, or sewing project.
  • Hit the gym for a dance, yoga, or group class.
  • Spend time with your friends, pets, or kids.
  • Read or watch a movie.
  • Soak in a bubble bath.

Treat yourself to something special.ย 

Give yourself a gift this week, even if it’s small. Buy yourself something you’ve had your eye on, or pick up a trinket that reminds you that you matter. If money is tight, treat yourself to a favorite hot drink or borrow a new book or movie from the library. You could also go for a walk outside and scavenge a small memento, such as a feather, a flower, or a small stone that you could adorn with an inspirational word.

  • Make the moment special by focusing on the “treat” part of it.
  • You don’t have to get anything big — just do something special for yourself.
  • Try to use your treat this week. For example, if you buy a new lotion, try it out the day you bring it home.

Engage in self care.ย 

Take care of yourself. Set aside time every day to nourish yourself and allow yourself to relax. Eat nutritious meals, take care of your skin, and get proper rest. Use activities like journaling and meditation to help you set aside your worries. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on self care. A little goes a long way.

  • Take 5 minutes to write your worries and your gratitude list in your journal.
  • Use an essential oil to help boost your mood, clear your mind, or de-stress.
  • Follow a skin care routine.
  • Go to bed earlier.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Try meditation.

List your positive qualities.

Think about how often you focus on your flaws. When you look in the mirror, don’t question whether or not you look fat, and don’t try to find imperfections. Focus on your best qualities and how you feel. Take note of what you do well, and how much you’ve been able to accomplish. Know the traits you’re proud to have, and celebrate your unique personality.

  • Write down a few things each day.
  • Create several small lists.
  • Make one big list.
  • Consider posting your list somewhere you can see it, or place a copy where you can re-read it when times are tough.

Be kind to yourself.


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