Mindful Monday ~ Five Words to Focus on This Week

For most of us, Monday kicks off a new week of work, school, and other responsibilities. While it’s often dreaded, Monday provides a great opportunity to refocus your efforts and start afresh with a clean slate. Instead of letting Monday get you down, make it the first building block for a stellar week.

Personally, I don’t want to waste my life longing for the weekend. Weekdays are important, so let’s use them as best we can. This week, let your Monday be mindful. Ask yourself what your body is telling you about Monday. Are you feeling dread or excitement? Are you feeling satisfied with your weekend or do you feel like you’ve wasted the past couple of days?

Whatever your feelings, follow them down to their source. Maybe you’ll find an insight into yourself that can help you improve your relationship with Monday. In the meantime, spend some time today reflecting on these five words that can help you have a more mindful week:



Be kind to others and to yourself. We all deserve a kind word and a helping hand. Compliment a stranger. Pay for someone’s coffee. Be the friend to yourself that you are to others. This week, make a point to do one act of kindness each day.



Be thankful for all of the good things in your life, as well as the struggles that have shaped you into who you are. Show your gratitude to the people in your life. Say thank you. Give back. Tell people how much you appreciate all that they bring to your life. This week, spend a few minutes each day being grateful for the life you live and the people in it.



Seek quiet moments in your day, as well as a quiet mind. Take a solitary walk. Meditate. Sit outside and sip on a cup of hot tea, coffee, or cocoa. Practice acknowledging your thoughts and letting them pass. This week, seize a few quiet moments each day.



Allow your heart and your mind to stay open to new ideas, as well as the differences between us. Withhold your judgments. Ask questions. Allow things to just be. This week, challenge yourself to stay open.



Accept the good and the bad moments. Show acceptance to those you encounter in your life, even if their path in life differs from yours. Accept yourself as you are, knowing that all you can do is your best. Let your mind be free by accepting the world as it is, not as how you wish it could be.


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