Live Happy ~ Taking Steps to Make Your Days Good Ones

By. Danielle Husband

Whenever I think that I’ve gotten my life on the path I want, I immediately hit a roadblock. It’s like when we were kids playing Oregon trail, only the wagon never successfully fords the river. (RIP stability in life.) I used to get very “woe is me” about my problems, especially since it sometimes seems like there’s no point in trying if life is just going to keep lobbing curveballs. Then I got smart about things and decided to see what I could do to change the way I saw my life.

Life is a balance between good days and bad days, with a ton of ho-hum thrown in the middle. However, how you experience life is totally different when you go out and live it with intention as opposed to just taking what the world throws at you at face value. At first, this can be a hard concept, and depending on the people in your life, you may face some backlash.

However, living with intention is kind of easy once you get started.

Now, you might already have images in your mind of what it means to live with intention – reciting mantras, sitting in the lotus position every morning, or enjoying long periods of introspection. All of these are fine and dandy if you’re into that, but this is not the be all-end all of living with intention.

All you need to do to live with intention is to set your intention and then do it. See how easy that sounds? There are a ton of ways that you could set your intentions:

  • You could write them down to read over later.
  • You could post them on your fridge.
  • You could recite them every morning.
  • You could make them your phone lock screen.
  • You could start an intentions journal.
  • You could write them on post-it notes and stick them up around your house.
  • You could turn them into a mnemonic device.

Furthermore, intentions can take a variety of forms. You may get a lot of use from an affirmation, or you could just write a list of things you want to do. While it might sound silly, putting it down on paper or giving it voice can help you start to take steps toward doing those things you love. Before you know it, the things you’ve always said you wanted to do will be habits. Your somedays are today, and your days are more good than bad.

Here is a list I recently made for myself as a reminder of what makes my days happy. These are all things I normally do but hadn’t really focused on during a stressful few weeks. I was feeling down, so I reminded myself of the simple every day things that make me feel better about life:


It’s a simple act, but it really makes things better.

Give it a try. You can start small and see where it takes you. What will you put on your list of intentions?

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