Finding the Calm Through Mindfulness

By. Danielle Husband

I’m a naturally anxious person, with thoughts that explode and overflow like popcorn. Settling my mind is a difficult task, and for a long time I struggled to understand how it could be possible. Then I found mindfulness.

Mindfulness has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given. Being in the present and focusing on that moment brings a temporary quiet to my mind. For a moment, my worries are gone, and I have clarity that wasn’t there before.

At the same time, the worries are never far away, especially concerns over my future. I’ve never been a “happy-go-lucky” type who could just trust that things are going to work out. I’m a planner. I’m determined. I set goals and then pursue them.

While I’ve enjoyed some success, I’ve also stressed myself to the max. I’ve piled way too much on my plate and suffered because I’ve stretched myself too thin. Time and time again I’ve found myself dwelling on the future and trying to squeeze one more thing out of today.

It’s exhausting.

Ironically, pushing myself to do too much at once has also been counter-productive. It wears me out, making me frazzled and ineffective. It drains the joy out of every moment because there’s no time to enjoy anything, and it prevents me from living my life today because all of the focus is on racing to the future.

Mindfulness breaks this cycle.

While I still struggle with anxiety, living in the present is a comfort that brings peace even to the most troubled waters in my mind. Every day, I remind myself to be present in this moment – to feel, to smell, to hear, to see, to taste. I hope that through this blog I can reach out to others who are also interested in living a mindful life.

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